Alba and the Langhe, an area rich in history and flavors

Alba, the city of “a hundred of medioeval towers” is located in south-east Piedmont with a population of no more than 30.000 citizens and well knows as the World Capital of White Truffle. White Truffle as well is wordly famous as Alba White Truffle.

Alba is the vibrant centre of a large territory, the Langhe, home of renowned wines, best among all Barolo and Barbaresco, a marvelous outcome between nature and the skillful enterprise of Langhe “vignerons”. Here cuisine is top of gastronomy.
The Langhe country is an area of gentle hills, where you can admire historical castles, slopes and vineyards.

The landscape is so beautiful and unique and at the same times so universally value pregnant to be awarded as World Heritage by Unesco.

We are proud to have been operating in this magic surrounding since 1931.