Salame Cotto


Product peculiarities:

Salame cotto (cooked salami) is a typical Piedmontese speciality processed by mixing lean or fat, mainly lard pork meat with other pork meat scraps.

Flavored with wine and spices, it is stuffed in real bowels and steamed for a few hours. In Piedmontese cuisine it is traditionally serves the same way of salami or combinated with omelettes or Russian salad.

Pink in colour, it is very soft to palate and tastefully intense but delicate.

Available sizes:

Sizes vary from 400 g. to 2 Kg.
(Vacuum-packed availability)

How to preserve:

In refrigerator at temperatures from 0 to 4 degrees C.

Gluten free.
No powdered milk or allergenic foodstuff.